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60 Ethers will be given away in TapWar

To celebrate the milestone 250,000 downloads, HB Wallet Team decides to give away 60 ETH in an event called TapWar.

HB Wallet is an application that exclusively designed to store Ethereum, ERC20 and ERC223 Tokens. This amazing application comes with four synchronizable versions: iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. November 2017, HB Wallet was launched by Bacoor Inc., a Blockchain Tech Company which based in Kobe city, Japan. Besides the storing function, HB Wallet also supports users to receive FREE Airdrops, track account balance with local currencies, build up a personal directory, track market value of all cryptocurrencies, save passphrase & private key, and more.

Not just that, in the near future, HB Wallet will introduce a brand new function which is ‘Chat’. Yes, that’s right! Users will be able to chat with each other. Also, users can send cryptocurrencies to their friends, acquaintances, and family members without worrying about distant obstacles or insanely high transaction fees. As a bonus, users can share fun images, cute emojis, and memorial moments. It’s all FREE!

TapWar is an event that hosted by HB Wallet Community, in the upcoming ‘Chat’ function. Once users download the latest version of HB Wallet on Mobile (iOS or Android), they will receive a greeting message from HB Wallet community. Every day, random gift cards will be given on the HB Community Chat. Users might be asked to complete certain tasks to receive FREE Ethers. Those gift cards will have a value from 3 USD to 100 USD randomly. First person to complete the task will receive the reward.

TapWar will occur in October, 2018 and continue for 3 months. The winner takes all! For more information, please visit TAPWAR.

Please stay tuned for our upcoming articles regarding HB Chat!

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At the meantime, why don't you try to use HB Wallet to store your Ethers and Tokens? You can also receive free tokens from the airdrops function. How cool is that?

Check it out here: Download HB Wallet

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HB钱包是2017年7月发布的专用于以太坊(ETH)的加密货币钱包。该应用程序被设计为在四个不同平台上的完整生态系统,以便支持Ethereum Blockchain(以太坊区块链)用户。我们旨在简化技术。这是被大量采用的关键。

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