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Introducing HB Infinity Token: First Look

The HB Infinity Token is a brand new token presented by HB Wallet. If you enjoy using HB Wallet, Infinity Token will definitely step up your HB game.

About HB Ecosystem

As you might have known, the HB Ecosystem is composed of the mobile and desktop versions of HB Wallet with various distinctive features.

These features are not only beneficial for HB Wallet users but also for our business partners, specifically:

  • ‘Grab Token’ allows users to receive free tokens from companies and communities without paying any extra fee (except for the Ethereum Blockchain transaction fee) and will enable businesses to promote their projects and gain leads.

  • ‘HB Chat’ (mobile version only) lets users communicate and conduct transfers directly to each other, while also creating an environment for businesses to build their community and to connect with fans.

  • ‘HB DEX’ creates a completely decentralized portal for users to trade Ethers and Tokens. Nothing will be stored, except for transaction history and placed orders.

HB Wallet lets you efficiently manage your main ETH account and up to 7 ETH sub-accounts. When it comes to your Token accounts, it’s unlimited. You can have almost everything in just one place.

How HB Infinity Token fits into the system

Living up to its name, the possibilities of using HB Infinity Token in our continually expanding HB Ecosystem are infinite.

When you become an HB Infinity Token owner, your address will be recorded on HB Help Engine. For every conducted transaction, HB Help Engine will send supporting Gas Fee to your account and hence, reducing transaction fees.

As business partners, you will have your fee reduced by up to 50% when listing your Token or Card on HB Wallet, conducting airdrops, creating a new community and many other upcoming services.

As users, you will experience faster transaction speed on HB DEX and have your transaction fees reduced by up to 50% when trading Ethers and Tokens with HB Wallet users or on HB DEX.

Going faster with lower fees - who wouldn’t love that?

Aside from the above benefits, more features are already under development and will be released soon. Token owners should then be able to create tokens and cards directly on HB Desktop in just 10 minutes, distribute and receive free E-vouchers, and experience a fully working HB DEX on Mobile.

What else to expect?

Following the airdrop event this Wednesday, official introductory seminars for HB Infinity Token will take place in Japan by the end of this year and in the Philippines next March.

The total supply of HB Infinity Token is by no means infinite. There are only 600,000 tokens available worldwide.

Second HB Infinity Token Airdrop at 2:59 PM (UTC), Dec 12 - 1HBWALLET per person

Eligible Participant: Everyone who has 0.05ETH or more in the main account of HB Wallet.

Visit https://hb-wallet.io/ now for more information.

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