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Ethermon Gacha is now live!


Ethermon Gacha is a collaboration between Ethermon.io and Bacoor Inc. In this game, you can have a chance to win valuable Monsters (NFTs) worth up to 2.5 ETH!

Welcome to Nagemon Gacha!

“Kachiage!"- an NFT+ series that always increases in value!

What is TomorrowsPrice and its Affiliate Program?

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Play Ethermon Gacha to win valuable Ether Monsters with values up to 2.5 ETH!

What is Ethermon?

Ethermon.io (formerly Etheremon) is a Dapp Game on the Ethereum network where you can catch, train, evolve your mons (NFTs) to defeat others in battles, and trade them as collectibles for ETH.

Ethermon 'Awakening' was relaunched in 2019 as a spin-off of the popular Etheremon.com. Specifically, the community was behind this new content of the game, and an entirely new team maintains the game. Ethermon supports both old Ether Monsters and newer ones, so players can continue to use their mons to join battles and continue their new adventures.

Ethermon.io was relaunched in 2019 as a spin-off of the popular Etheremon.com

What is Ethermon Gacha?

Ethermon Gacha is a cooperation between Ethermon.io and Bacoor Inc. This is the newest version of Nagemon Gacha series. In this game, you can have a chance to win valuable Ether Monsters by using Monster Fossils (Gacha tickets) to activate the Ethermon Gacha machine and receive a random item in return.

The first prize: Zedakazm is one of the three Legendary Mons that are no longer found in the main gameplay Ethermon. The only way to acquire them is by buying them in the markets or playing Ethermon Gacha. Zedakazm is worth up to 2.5 ETH!

Ethermon Gacha is a cooperation between Ethermon.io and Bacoor Inc.

Why Ethermon Gacha?


To activate the Ethermon machine, you only need 0.2 Monster Fossils for one turn, and 02 Monster Fossils for 10 turns. You can obtain more Monster Fossils by buying them at nagemon.com/gachahome.

Easy to play

Ethermon Gacha is very easy to play. The interface is super eye-catching and friendly. You just need to press on ‘Play’ and receive a random gift in return instantly!

Valuable generated items

Each Monster has a unique ID and a Catch Number # that can be verified on the blockchain. Some Mons are limited in distribution and it is impossible to increase their amount by breeding like Legendary Ethermon: Zedakazm. Some are super rare because they are only catchable for a limited time. These are the most valuable Mons that people are yearning for.

By playing Ethermon Gacha, you can become one of the lucky ones to obtain these Monsters which value from 0.01 ETH up to 2.5 ETH!

Legendary Ethermon: Zedakazm is worth 2.5 ETH!

How to play?

About Monster Fossils (Gacha Tickets)

New players will receive 01 Monster Fossil automatically for FREE!

Free Monster Fossils can also be acquired by sending a message to Nagemon Community in HB Wallet. Each message will be rewarded 0.02 Monster Fossils.

Another way is to buy them from Nagemon.com.

Monster Fossils (Gacha Tickets)

Now, let’s Gacha!

Ethermon Gacha is approachable on both HB Wallet desktop and mobile version. In this guide, we will show you how to play it on HB Wallet mobile app.

1. Launch HB Wallet app. In the wallet main screen, swipe up for quick access. Then select the 'Nagemon Gacha' card.

In the wallet main screen, swipe up for quick access.

2. Tap on ‘Sign in’ to proceed.

Sign in to create an account.

3. After registration, tap on the menu icon on the upper right and choose 'Gacha'.

Tap on 'Gacha' on the menu

4. You will be presented with 4 Gacha machines. Select the ‘Ethermon Gacha’ machine.

Press 'Play' to launch the machine.

Select the ‘Ethermon Gacha’ machine

5. Tap on ‘Play x1’' if you wish to play one turn only, or 'Play x10' to play 10 turns at once.

Tap on ‘Play x1’', or 'Play x10'

6. Once you win, you will need to transfer the Ethermon Gacha NFT Prize to the main network in order to start using it. Tap on 'Transfer to Main Ethereum Network' to proceed. Watch the video tutorial.

It's your chance now! Good luck!

Future collaboration

Ethermon Gacha is only the beginning of the partnership between Bacoor Inc. and Ethermon.io.

Exclusive editions of Ether Monsters created particularly for the Bacoor x Ethermon collaboration will be available soon. So stay tuned!

NEXT: Welcome to Nagemon Gacha!

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