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What's new in HB Wallet Mobile Version 3.3?

Version 3.3 of HB Wallet is now available on iOS and Android, so what's new?

HB Wallet Version 3.3

This version 3.3 can be considered as a breakthrough of HB Wallet. For the first time in the Crypto Industry, users can manage assets and have so much fun at the same time.

Dapp Screens & Cards

It only takes 5 seconds to access the Dapp Screen in this version 3.3.

This is how you can access the Dapp Screen in previous versions.

Access Dapp Screen in previous versions

This is how it works from the version 3.3, in the 'Main Screen', you just need to swipe up from the token card section. After that, you can find the screen 'Dapp Station' which is the Dapp Screen.

How to access Dapp Screen

Aside from getting into the Dapp Screen, you can also access your Tokens instantly.

Additionally, some other functions are provided to make this cool feature more convenient like Search Card, Delete a Screen, and Screen Settings.

Search Card

Delete a Screen

Screen Settings

Gacha Drop

You can join this game for FREE. The game does not require any payments, except for Gas Fee. It's always available at the 'Grab Token' Screen.

For more information, please visit the Gacha Drop Page.

Also, don't forget to join Nagemon Daily Bonus event. You can get 01 Monster Fossil for FREE by registering only.

The Winner List is always available, so that you know who's winning ETH. :)

Winner List

Check out: https://www.hb-wallet.com/gacha

Next: How to join Nagemon Daily Bonus?

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