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HB Wallet among “most valuable wallets” at Blockchain Insight 2019

HB Wallet recognized as most valuable wallets along with other noteworthy projects and people in the blockchain industry at Blockchain Insight 2019.

HB Wallet is among the most valuable wallets recognized at Blockchain Insight 2019 held at the Marriott Hotel in Hangzhou, China on 4 January 2019.

Blockchain Insight 2019 is an event organized by the China-based blockchain and cryptocurrency news platform 8BTC and token data and rating service TokenInsight and attended by 300 participants from the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry to recognize noteworthy projects and people in the industry.

Blockchain Insight 2019 had seven lists of awardees to recognize noteworthy projects and people in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry that included the list for the “Most Valuable Wallets” award.

HB Wallet was among those recognized as the “Most Valuable Wallets” in Blockchain Insight 2019 along with other Chinese and foreign cryptocurrency wallets.

Based on the Blockchain Insight 2019 whitepaper, HB Wallet ranked 2nd among the 10 foreign SPV cryptocurrency wallets in the “Most Valuable Wallets” list.

Most Valuable Wallets - Foreign SPV cryptocurrency wallets

Freewallet Series (Score: 7.7)
HB Wallet (Score: 6.6)
Edge (Score: 6.1)
Coinbase Wallet (Score: 5.2)
Copay Bitcoin Wallet (Score: 5.1)
Citowise (Score: 5)
Uphold (Score: 5)
Trust Wallet (Score: 4.9)
Green Address (Score: 4.8)
Bread Wallet (Score: 4.7)

The cryptocurrency wallets featured in the “Most Valuable Wallets” list were ranked based on the features and services each wallet offered to its users.

Receiving the award for HB Wallet at Blockchain Insight 2019 were Ms. Kasumi and Mr. Gaowei.

HB Wallet is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency wallet developed by Bacoor Inc. It is the most popular wallet in Japan for storing Ethereum, as well as ERC-20 and ERC-223 tokens since its users have found it to be easy to use. Other features that HB Wallet offers to its users include the ability to chat with other HB Wallet users and the ability to receive free tokens through airdrops.

HB Wallet also features an Ethereum-based decentralized exchange called HB DEX which enables its users to do real-time ERC-20 token trading with no fees except for Ethereum’s transaction fees.

HB Wallet also has an airdrop event called Tap War where users participating in the next event scheduled on February 2, 2019 would have the chance to win 300 USD worth of Ethereum.

Source: Unblock.news

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HB钱包是2017年7月发布的专用于以太坊(ETH)的加密货币钱包。该应用程序被设计为在四个不同平台上的完整生态系统,以便支持Ethereum Blockchain(以太坊区块链)用户。我们旨在简化技术。这是被大量采用的关键。

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