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How to join Nagemon Daily Bonus?


Nagemon.com is almost ready for the Beta version. Users now can participate in 'Nagemon Daily Bonus' event to get Monster Fossils for FREE!


What's Nagemon Monster Fossil?

Nagemon Machine

Monster Fossil is a game ticket of Nagemon.com. With every Monster Fossil, users will have one turn to operate Nagemon Machine. At the end, users can win a Game Item from a Dapp Game in the ERC-721 format. It can be items from any games like Cryptokitties, Ethermon, or Blockchain Cuties, etc.

About Nagemon Daily Bonus

Nagemon Community

You can obtain 0.02 FREE Monster Fossil everyday. It's quite simple.

1. You need to register on Nagemon.com. The game only requires you to register at the beginning.

(*) By registering, you can obtain 01 Monster Fossil for FREE!

2. Everyday, you should access Nagemon Channel on HB Wallet with the registered wallet. Then, you can choose 01 room in the 03 designated rooms to put on a message. The message can be anything like 'Hi', 'Hello', 'How are you guys?', etc.

Afterwards, 0.02 Monster Fossil will be sent to your wallet everyday.

You can always check your balance at 'My Mon' in Nagemon.com.

How to register an account on Nagemon?

1. Download HB Wallet on Mac or Windows

2. Install HB Wallet on your Desktop, then open the app

3. 'Create a new Wallet' or 'Restore a wallet' by using a Passphrase

4. Go to 'Dapp'

5. Click the Nagemon card

Go to Dapp then click the Nagemon card

6. Click 'Start Nagemon'

7. Click 'Sign'

Click Start Nagemon then click Sign

8. Insert your email address

9. A confirmation will reach your mailbox, please check and click 'Confirm'

Confirm your Email

10. Insert your 'Player Name'

Now, you're done with the registration process. You can check your account at 'My Mon'

My Mon in Nagemon

How to join Nagemon Daily Bonus?

Join Nagemon Community

1. Download HB Wallet on iOS or Android

2. Open HB Wallet on your Mobile Phone

3. 'Create a new Wallet' or 'Restore a wallet' by using a Passphrase (You should use the same account that registered with Nagemon)

4. Go to Chat Screen, Tab Communities

5. Choose Nagemon Community

6. Click 'Join'

7. Choose a Room

8. Drop a random message like 'Hi', 'Hello', 'What's up?', basically anything you can think of

The day after, you can check your balance at 'My Mon' on Nagemon to find an increase in your balance. That's it!

Good luck! :)

Check out: https://www.hb-wallet.com/gacha

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