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Resist Dorian Hurricane with PO8!

As Dorian moving further into the U.S Southeast Coast, the destruction is escalating in minutes.

According to CBS, the storm is getting into the Category 3 which has killed at least 20 people and torn Bahamas apart.

It's now described as a 'Life-threatening' storm and heading fast toward North and South Carolina.

Dorian Relief

In this difficult situation, PO8 has started the campaign 'Dorian Relief' within the Crypto community, which aims to compensate the loss of thousands of families that suffered from this terrible disaster.

HB Wallet is joining this campaign with our hope to ease the pain of thousands of U.S families that resisting the storm.

To join this event, you can access the campaign site of Dorian Relief on the PO8 website.

You can also find them on gofundme.com for using fiat.

Hopefully, this campaign would help the Bahamas community to get back up and overcome this shocking tragedy.

#Dorian #HBWallet #PO8 #Fundrasing

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