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Secure Your Investment In The Crypto Market

The event was hosted by Kyber Network in Hanoi, Vietnam on Saturday, December 28th, 2019.

Secure your investment in the Crypto Market

Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/402911713762122/

Over 50 crypto enthusiasts had gathered at Up Co-Working Space, Vpbank Tower 89 Lang Ha - Hanoi last Saturday to join HB Wallet, Kyber Network, and VIC Group to discuss security matters in Crypto Trading.

Over 50 crypto enthusiasts

The event started with an amazing presentation of Mr. Son Truong from HB Wallet. The keynote focused on the importance of 'Private Key' in preserving Crypto Assets. Since most popular Crypto exchanges are Centralized Exchanges, it's essential for investors to break down their investment and secure a part of it within reliable wallets like HB Wallet, or in cold wallets like Trezor.

Son Truong from HB Wallet

The fundamental knowledge of Blockchain was also explained along with a neat demonstration of HB Wallet on the stage. Some unique features like 'Buy Crypto', 'Swap', 'Airdrops', 'HB Chat', 'Blockchain Card' etc. were mentioned during Son's demonstration.

HB Wallet at the event

Most participants have received a gift from HB Wallet by downloading the application on iOS, or Android.

HB Wallet Banner

Mr. Trinh Anh Tu from VIC Group then continued to explain the situation of the current Crypto Market, and tips to determine good Projects, as well as Market Trends in 2020. Some of those were mentioned in the event Crypto Trends 2020 which happened earlier this month. He also discussed the DeFi topic, which tends to be a trend of 2020, since most communities are exchanging information about DeFi products.

Mr. Trinh Anh Tu from VIC Group

In the last Keynote, Mr. Jason Vu from Kyber Network introduced a brand new product of the company, which is the KyberDAO system. It is a new staking model based on a voting mechanism of the KNC Token from Kyber Network. It enables users to vote for major activities and updates of the popular Kyber Network protocol.


He further explained the incredible Kyber Swap as a pioneer of a trustless financial system. Jason also provided an explorer to track transactions of Kyber on Blockchain via this link: https://tracker.kyber.network/#/


During the event, Kyber Team had given away an Airdrop of $3.5 USD to each participant in KNC Token. The Airdrop was excitedly taken by participants.

Mr. Jason Vu from Kyber Network

After the three keynotes, a Panel was established for speakers to discuss security matters in Crypto Trading, and prospects of DeFi in 2020.

Panel Discussion

Participants were taken away by astonishing stories of the three experienced speakers. Some of them also expressed their opinions and raised some questions to the Panel.

Participants at the event

At the end, a minigame was hosted by the Kyber Team. Winners had won some cool T-shirts that shipped all the way from Singapore.

Winners of the minigame

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