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Why Gacha is not running in the last few days?

In the last few days, when joining Gacha Drop on HB Wallet, you might encounter 'Gas fee (ETH) is not enough'. Here is the reason why!

Gacha is not running


Basically, it is not because of your ETH balance is insufficient, or the app is not working properly. The Gas system of Ethereum is unstable in the last few days causes this issue.

You can check your Gacha history on Etherscan directly from the Gacha screen.

Gacha history

After getting into Etherscan, you should be able to find some pending transactions. Those are your previous Gacha requests.

Gacha request history

This means your previous requests have not been processed by the Ethereum network. It makes your following Gacha requests stuck. Then, the error 'Gas fee (ETH) is not enough' will be displayed.

This happens because we minimize the default Gas fee from the latest version, so you would pay less gas fee for each transaction. Unfortunately, the gas price soared in the last few days which makes your Gacha requests stuck.


Here is some suggested solutions for you to solve this issue.

1. You can make a transaction to transfer ETH or Token.

- This transaction will override the pending transactions. This means pending transactions will be released. From this point, you can join Gacha again.

- In the current version which is 3.3.3, please set the Gas Fee to 'High' when playing Gacha to make sure your requests will not be stuck.

2. Wait for the next update of HB Wallet in a few couple of days.

- HB Wallet Mobile will be updated soon. The next version will adjust the default Gas Fee automatically to make sure every request will be processed.

- In the next version, your stuck requests will be released once you request for a new Gacha Drop.

Thank you for using HB Wallet! We will improve Gacha Drop, so please stay tuned!

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