Gacha APIhttps://api.nagemon.com/fossil-airdrop/address/insert-an-address-on-hb-wallet-here


How it works:

1. A user requests Gacha via Smart Contracts.

2. Smart Contracts push 'event request' from the user to the Ethereum Network.

3. Back-end source listens to the event of smart contracts then crunching HB random algorithm to provide a result.

4. After the result is provided, Back-end source saves the result to HB Database and exports API so HB Application can show the result to the user.

5. As the reward is monster fossil, then it can be stacked up from time to time. User can check it on Nagemon.com.

6. As the reward is ETH, a list will be built up for developers by Smart Contracts, then the rewards will be sent manually by developers.



Please use our API Generator to get your desired API. You can also customize your desired API in a few simple steps. If you have any questions, please contact us at support.hbdex@bacoor.co. This is the API for HB DEX Version II.

Please find some examples of HB DEX API below:

  1. Get the market price of all cryptocurrency pairs (get_all_tickers)

  2. Get the market price of a single cryptocurrency pair (get_symbol_ticker)

  3. Get the 24h statistics of a single cryptocurrency pair (get_ticker)

  4. Get the orderbook of all cryptocurrency pairs (get_orderbook_ticker)

  5. Get the orderbook of a single cryptocurrency pair (get_order_book)

  6. Get latest transaction history (get_recent_trades)

  7. Get info of active orders (get_all_orders)

  8. Get info of open orders (get_open_orders)

  9. Get info of cancelled orders (cancel_order)

  10. Get WETH balance info (get_weth_balance)

  11. Get Wrap ETH info (create_eth_wrap)

  12. Get Unwrap ETH info (create_weth_unwrap)

  13. Get ETH balance info (get_eth_balance)

  14. Get trading statistics (get_symbol_info)

  15. Get token lock info (token_lock)

  16. Get token unlock info (unlock_token)

  17. Get lock weth info (weth_lock)

  18. Get unlock weth info (unlock_weth)

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HB钱包是2017年7月发布的专用于以太坊(ETH)的加密货币钱包。该应用程序被设计为在四个不同平台上的完整生态系统,以便支持Ethereum Blockchain(以太坊区块链)用户。我们旨在简化技术。这是被大量采用的关键。

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